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If You Missed the Livestream Concert, Here Is The Video --

Anniversary Concert October 25

We don't want you to just join our shul;       we want you to join our family            

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  • Sunday ,
    OctOctober  25 , 2020
    Anniversary Concert with Yonatan Razel
    Sunday, Oct 25th 8:00p to Sunday, Nov 1st 9:30p
    The concert is over, but you can see the video with Yonatan Razel in honor of our 34th anniversary. Honoring Keely and Jillian Goldbeger on this Event Page


  • Thursday ,
    DecDecember  31 , 2020
    Portrait of the Rabbi
    Thursday, Dec 31st (All day)
    A beautiful pencil lithograph of Rabbi Goldberger, drawn by Rabbi Hillel Shepard. The pencil drawing was inspired by a photograph of Rabbi Goldberger taken by Frank Storch.


  • Thursday ,
    DecDecember  31 , 2020
    Agudah Scrip Program
    Thursday, Dec 31st (All day)
    Scrip is available for giving tzedaka for $1.25 each. $1 goes to the tzedaka of your choice, and 25¢ goes to Tiferes Yisroel.



Words From A Visitor

"A few weeks ago, I spent Shabbos in Baltimore with a group of friends. On Friday night, we davened in your shul. To say that it was inspiring is a tremendous understatement. A peak through the mechitzah seeing so many types of Jews davening in harmony to the welcoming speech at the end was one level.

But what moved me most, and I believe my friends, as well, was the magnificent singing of Lecha Dodi. The tune was so moving and the harmony so uplifting, I so clearly felt Shabbos descend on your little shul that night.  And as the melody resonated in my soul, I could see through the mechitzah the men dancing, some of them with little children on their shoulders, and all I could think was, they are really greeting Shabbos!

 At that moment, I closed my eyes and could almost see the swaying apple trees in the fields near Tzfat where the students of the Arizal would greet Shabbos clad in long white robes. As the dancing circle of men drifted to their seats, the spell lifted – or rather, the spell came upon us – and a distinct sensation was so noticeably apparent: Shabbos is here."

Congregation Tiferes Yisroel

is an Orthodox synagogue,

led by Rabbi Menachem Goldberger.

We warmly welcome Jews of all backgrounds.


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