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Video Clips

2022-07-10 Kumzitz for our Sefer Torah Summer

2022-05-18 Community Wide Lag B'Omer Celebration

2022-02-09 Rabbi Goldberger's Dvar Torah - Tetzaveh - for Hamodia

2020-11-24 NCSY Interview with Rabbi Goldberger by Rabbi Menachem Tenenbaum

2020-10-30 Message from Yonatan Razel

2020-10-25 34th Anniversary Concert with Yonatan Razel

2020-10-25 Rabbi Goldberger Dancing with Keely Goldberger

2020-10-25 Promo and Highlights from the 2019 Concert with Yonatan Razel

2020-04-05 Yonatan Grinberg Playing Yonatan Razel, in time for Pesach

2020-02-28 CauseMatch 2020



2019-04-01 33rd Anniversary Concert Introductory Remarks

2019-04-01 33rd Anniversary Concert with Yonatan Razel

2019-04-01 Faces of TY Over 33 Years


2019 Video with Yonatan Razel

2018 Chanukah Carnival  (credit Yehuda Tenenbaum)

32nd Anniversary Celebration - 2018 - Rabbi Goldberger's Message  (Credit RC Video)

32nd Anniversary Celebration - 2018 - Our Honorees  (Credit RC Video)

2017-12-21 Binny for President!

Shul Election, 2017   Thanks to Tina and Tom for this promo (Credit Mo Margolese)

Zos Chanukah Candle Lighting 2017      (credit Jay Taffel)

Simchas Beis Hashoeva 2017, Part 1    in the shul succah (credit Scott Parsowith)
Simchas Beis Hashoeva Part 2

Yom Yerushalayim 50th Anniversary   Rabbi Goldberger's talk on "Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh - Jerusalem The Holy City" upon the 50th anniversary of its reunification (credit Rabbi Yitzi Weiner)

My Heart Aches for Yerushalayim -- For Yom Yerhushalayim, a video and composition by our own Eric Gerstenfeld.

Lag BaOmer 2017 with Rabbi Goldberger

Lag BaOmer 2017  -- Singing and dancing to Rabbi Akiva (credit Louis Feinstein)

Lag BaOmer 2017 More  --  Singing and dancing (credit Louis Feinstein)

Rabbi Goldberger -- Be Holy, Be Human -- February, 2017

Havdalah at Baltimore Shabbat Project 2016  Singing and dancing in honor of Shabbos.  Featuring Nossi Gross's havdalah; Rabbi Goldberger dances along with Rabbi Hauer and Rabbi Silber.

30th Anniversary Concert, 2016. Rabbi Goldberger with Rabbi Yehuda Leib Goldberger, Eitan Katz, Nossi Gross, and band.

Lag Ba'Omer Bonfire   Singing and dancing to the strains of  "Bar Yochai."

Dancing After Birkas Hachama 5769  Clip begins at around 50 seconds into the video

Rabbi Goldberger --  Yehi Ratzon  Rabbi Goldberger performing his original composition, "Yehi Ratzon," with Mark Singer on violin, and shul members on guitar and drums. Recorded at a Pearlstone Retreat Center Shabbaton Melava Malka.

Rabbi Goldberger -- Yom Tov Song  Rabbi Goldberger performing his original composition, "Yom Tov Song."  Recorded at a Pearlstone Retreat Center Shabbaton Melava Malka.

Leventhal Hachnasas Sefer Torah  Completion of the Torah dedicated by Drs. Ed and Mesa Leventhal.

Rebbetzin Bracha's Demonstration of Cabbage Rolling

Tiferes Yisroel in the News

Our Shul Succah Artwork

The design for our succah was created by Chana Singer and painted by members of the shul.

Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782