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Derech Hashem

Sfas Emes

Rabbi Yitzi Weiner, 2016, Kindness and Sensitivity

 December, 2016 to January, 2017

Class 1 - Dec. 5th Part 1 and Part-2 :  Promote Peace, Initiate  A Greeting To Everyone, Receive Everyone With A Smile, Compromise, Speak Softly To One Who Is Angry At You, Give The Benefit Of The Doubt 

Class 2 - Dec 12th Part 1 and Part 2:  Love An Immigrant Or Jewish Convert, Give Charity, Be Empathetic, Console And Comfort A Needy Person, Be Generous 

Class 3 - Dec 19th Part 1 and Part 2:  Not To Hate Another In Your Heart, Not To Judge Your Friend Until You Stand In His Shoes, Not To Have A Lev Ra, An Evil Heart, Not To Disdain Any Person Or Thing, Not To Rejoice When Even Your Enemy Has A Downfall, Not To Hurt Another, Not To Bear A Grudge, Not To Take Revenge, Not To Offer Bad Advice, To Admit That You Do Not Know Something  

Class 4 - Jan 2nd Part 1 and Part 2:   Not To Be Inactive While Another Is In Danger Or May Face A Loss, Not To Allow A Danger In Your House, Not To Disgrace Another, Not To Hurt Another’s Feelings, Not To Hurt A Strangers Feelings, Not To Hurt The Feelings Of A Widow Or An Orphan, Not To Be Involved In A Feud, Not To Force Another To Do Something He Doesn’t Want To Do

Class 5 - Jan 9th Part 1 and Part 2:  Speak To Everyone Softly, Not To Respond When Insulted, Not To Take Insults To Heart, Not To Enter Even Your Own Home Without Knocking First, To Keep The Laws Of The Land, Not To Borrow Without Asking Permission, Not To Plagiarize, Not To Trick Others, Not To Steal Land 

Class 6 - Jan 16th  Part 1 and Part 2:  Not To Cheat, Not To Covet Another’s Property And Pressure Him To Sell It To You, Not To Deny When You Owe Someone Money, Not To Withhold Money That You Owe, Not To Delay Payment For A Service, Not To Lie, Alter The Truth If It Will Promote Peace, Mean What You Say, Not To Give False Flattery

Wed, January 17 2018 1 Shevat 5778