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Facility Rental

Function Family Member/ Individual Member


Associate Member/ Non-Member

Congregation Invited
$115 (hall only) $175 (hall only)
Shalosh Seudos $150 (includes paper goods, rolls, tuna, crackers) $195 (includes paper goods)
Private function $225 $325
Non-kiddush function, Congregation invited $125 $225
Tzedaka group - shiur $50 (no food served) $125 (serving food)
Annex $50 (no food served) $100 (serving food)
Multiple event same week discount 20% 10%



Upcoming Events

All Events
  • Friday ,
    JunJune  30 , 2023
    Portrait of the Rabbi
    Friday, Jun 30th (All day)
    A beautiful pencil lithograph of Rabbi Goldberger, drawn by Rabbi Hillel Shepard. The pencil drawing was inspired by a photograph of Rabbi Goldberger taken by Frank Storch.


  • Saturday ,
    JulJuly  1 , 2023
    Agudah Scrip Program
    Shabbos, Jul 1st (All day)
    Scrip is available for giving tzedaka for $1.25 each. $1 goes to the tzedaka of your choice, and 25ยข goes to Tiferes Yisroel.





Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783