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Congregation Invited
$115 (hall only) $175 (hall only)
Shalosh Seudos,
Congregation Invited
$150 (includes paper goods, rolls, tuna, crackers) $195 (includes paper goods)
Private function $225 $325
Non-kiddush function, Congregation invited $125 $225
Tzedaka group - shiur $50 (no food served) $125 (serving food)
Annex $50 (no food served) $100 (serving food)
Multiple event same week discount 20% 10%



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  • Saturday ,
    MayMay  25 , 2024
    Community Lag B'Omer Bonfire
    Motzei Shabbos, May 25th 10:00p to 11:59p
    Join with Rabbi Goldberger in the community bonfire. Jen Airley will speak about her son, Binyamin, who was killed in Gaza. Jen and Rob are the mechutanim of our dear members, Yaakov and Batsheva Goldman, the in-laws of their son, Dovid. Binyamin Airley, a"h, was Dovid's brother-in-law. Yaakov and Batsheva have been with them on this incredibly tragic and yet powerful journey through the loss of their son and the dedication of the house in Tzfat for the emotional and spiritual rehabilitation of soldiers coming out of the war.


  • Sunday ,
    JunJune  30 , 2024
    Portrait of the Rabbi
    Sunday, Jun 30th (All day)
    A beautiful pencil lithograph of Rabbi Goldberger, drawn by Rabbi Hillel Shepard. The pencil drawing was inspired by a photograph of Rabbi Goldberger taken by Frank Storch.


  • Sunday ,
    JunJune  30 , 2024
    Agudah Scrip Program
    Sunday, Jun 30th (All day)
    Scrip is available for giving tzedaka for $1.25 each. $1 goes to the tzedaka of your choice, and 25ยข goes to Tiferes Yisroel.





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