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Learning and Shiurim

Learning in the Beis Medrash with Rabbi Goldberger

Daf Yomi Schedule

Shabbos morning, 8:00 am with Rabbi Yehuda Leib Goldberger.

Weekly Shiurim

**    Unless otherwise noted, the shiur is for MEN.

**  This page  has the regularly scheduled shiurim. Please check the weekly bulletin to see and temporary changes to a particular shiur

Weekly email will be sent with the exact times.

Daily (Sunday-Friday):

  • Every morning following davening — Dvar Halacha by Rabbi Goldberger and Rabbi Yehuda Leib Goldberger. 


  • 9:15-10:00 am: Men’s Gemara, Maseches  Taanis shiur given by Rabbi Goldberger following Shacharis. Rashi, selected Tosfos and Maharshas.
  • 10:15-10:45 am: Rebbetzin Bracha's Women's Tehillim for cholim. Participants should contact Rebbetzin Bracha for their assignment, to be done remotely.  ON HIATUS. WILL RETURN AUGUST 28.
  • One hour before Mincha: Worldwide Semichas Chaver Shiur (Halacha Chabura) with Rabbi Elie Levi. Join thousands of participants learning the same halachos around the world.


  • Rambam Hilchos Tefillah with Rabbi Goldberger, after Maariv. The 30-minute shiur will be followed by a brief ten-minute Q&A session, “shailos of the week.” Coordinated by Mo Margolese.


  • Tuesday Night Rabbi Goldberger's Men's Kitzur Shulcha Aruch Shiur after mincha maariv.  Coordinated by Lev Avraham Rosenstock


  • Parsha Preview with Rabbi Ori Strum and hot potato kugel! After maariv.


  • After davening Friday night: Sidduro Shel Shabbos, with Nossi Gross.
  • After Mussaf on Shabbos morning: Sidduro Shel Shabbos, with Nossi Gross.
  • One hour before Mincha, Chovos HaLevavos, with Rabbi Goldberger, for men and women



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Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782