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Fee Schedule and New Member Application

Thank you for your interest in membership in joining our growing community. Our membership year begins on July 1, but new memberships can start at any time and are pro-rated to the number of months remaining in the fiscal year.

Here is the schedule of membership fees:


Annual Fee

Membership Fee Schedule

Family Member - For husband and wife, includes priority seating, discount seating for yom tov for the non-married children in the family; discount hall rental; includes full voting privileges


Individual Member - For one adult; includes priority seating, discount seating for yom tov for yourself and non-married children; discount hall rental; full voting privileges


Associate Member - For an individual or husband and wife who wish to support the shul but who are not a part of regular activities; no discount for yom tov seats; yom tov seating filled after full members; full price hall rental; no voting privileges


Young Marrieds For young couples in the early years of marriage as a gift from us to you! See categories, below.


       Young Married 1 Year $0
        Young Married 2 to 3 Years $180
        Young Married 4 to 5 Years $360
        Young Married 6 to 7 Years $540

Custom Fee Schedule - We are happy to work out a custom fee schedule for any of the above membership categories. Our membership chairman can assist in setting that up.



We look forward to learning about you and your interest in our shul.  If you are interested in membership, please fill out the following information, and our Membership Chairman will contact you.

Male Member Information

Female Member Information

Required for couples in the Newly Married Less Than 7 Years category


Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784