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Lev Echad Archive 2015

Our shul bulletin is the Lev Echad, with one heart. And that is what we strive to do as a Kehilla, to be of one heart in whatever we do together, from davening, to setting up for Shalosh Seudos, to hosting for a Shabbos meal. You can see what we are all about by reading the Lev Echad.If you have an item to submit, including sponsoring for the week, send a note to


Lev Echad 2015-12-30 Shemos

Lev Echad 2015-12-24 Vayechi

Lev Echad 2015-12-18 Vayigash

Lev Echad 2015-12-11 Mikeitz

Lev Echad 2015-12-04 Vayeishev

Lev Echad 2015-11-27 Vayishlach

Lev Echad 2015-11-20 Vayetze

Lev Echad 2015-11-13 Toldos

Lev Echad 2015-11-06 Chaye Sara

Lev Echad 2015-10-30 Vayera

Lev Echad 2015-10-23 Lech Lecha

Lev Echad 2015-10-16 Noach

Lev Echad 2015-10-09 Bereishis

Lev Echad 2015-10-02 Shabbos Chol Hamoed Succos

Lev Echad 2015-09-25 Haazinu Succos

Lev Echad 2015-09-18 Vayelech

Lev Echad 2015-09-10 Nitzavim Rosh Hashana

Lev Echad 2015-09-03 KiSavo

Lev Echad 2015-08-28 KiSetze

Lev Echad 2015-08-21 Shoftim

Lev Echad 2015-08-13 Reeh

Lev Echad 2015-08-07 Ekev

Lev Echad 2015-07-30 Veeschanan

Lev Echad 2015-07-24 Devarim

Lev Echad 2015-07-16 Matos-Masei

Lev Echad 2015-07-08 Pinchas

Lev Echad 2015-07-02 Balak

Lev Echad 2015-06-26-Chukas



Lev Echad 2015-06-05 Behaaloscha



Lev Echad 2015-05-15-Behar--Bechukosai

Lev Echad 2015-05-08-Emor





Lev-Echad 2015-03-26 Tzav



Lev Echad-2015-03-05-KiSisa

Lev Echad 2015-03-05 Purim Edition

Lev Echad 2015-02-27 Tetzaveh

Lev Echad-2015-02-19-Terumah

Lev Echad-2015-02-13-Mishpatim

Lev Echad-2015-02-06-Yisro

Lev Echad-2015-01-30-Beshallach

Lev Echad-2015-01-22-Bo

Lev Echad-2015-01-15-Vayera

Lev Echad-2015-01-09-Shemos

Lev Echad-2015-01-01 Vayechi



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